A complete, cloud–based solution
for media capture, management and delivery 

MediaCore’s powerful cloud technology takes care of all of the complexity traditionally associated with dealing with video and integrates seamlessly with your authentication solution and existing LMS.

Record video on the go

We wanted to make it exceptionally easy for anyone to be able to create media, upload and share it
privately or publicly. You can also import great content from YouTube, Vimeo and TED Ed.

MediaCore Platform Devices

Upload media and relax

Upload any media file up to 20GB from your web browser or any of our apps. MediaCore will securely store it, convert it, and make it available to all browsers and mobile devices. And the best part? You don't need a PHD to do it. 

Screen and webcam recording

Grab your iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromebook or Windows tablet and easily record high definition video. Then enter in some details about what you’ve just recorded, who you’d like to share it with, and upload it. Learn more about Capture >

Manage your media library

Most institutions store media on several different services, but have no way of centralizing, organizing,
and sharing it inside or outside the institution. We've streamlined workflows and made sharing simple.

MediaCore Video Platform Media Library

Organize media easily

Create collections of media around any subject or topic. Drag and drop to organize your media, and then choose who to share it with. 


Share with users and groups

Invite and assign users and groups to collections you create. MediaCore also integrates with Active Directory, Shibboleth, Google Apps and more.

Let students browse, search and discover

Help students learn in their own time, at their own pace by providing them with access to your media library. MediaCore makes it easy for them to browse, search and discover content you share. 

MediaCore Video Platform Homepage

Browse and search content

Give students the ability to dive into your library and view content by subject area or topic. If they want to find something in particular it's easy to search or explore content by tags. 

Access content on any device

Students expect to be able to learn wherever, however and whenever they want from any device. Mac, PC, smartphone, tablet. MediaCore supports it all. See the full list of supported browsers >

Engage your students like never before

Deliver your educational content at earth-shattering speeds to any device or browser. Our player loads in milliseconds and allows students to control both quality and playback speed. 

MediaCore Video Player

Multi-platform support

Our player automatically detects which browser or device a student is using and ensures they can always access content. HTML5 video and audio are supported, along with a seamless fallback to our hardware accelerated Flash player.

Lightning fast streaming

Once a video is uploaded it is distributed to our Akamai delivery network with over 120,000 servers in 90+ countries ensuring that your content loads fast and buffer times are at a minimum. Our player code itself is under 10KB and is designed for performance.

Supercharge your learning platform

Adding media within your LMS or VLE doesn’t have to be difficult. The MediaCore Chooser makes it possible to upload media files up to 20GB and embed them into any page or resource with absolute ease. 

MediaCore Video Platform Plugins

Upload files up to 20GB

Allow any professor or student to upload media directly into any rich text area inside your learning platform. They can upload video, audio, pdf’s, powerpoints, MS Office documents, and images with ease to any page. Learn more >

Easily embed to your course

Using the MediaCore chooser you can either choose content from your existing library or upload something new. When you add content to a page MediaCore automatically injects a media player or document viewer depending on what was chosen. 

Track activity and statistics

Get in-depth statistics and follow the discussions around your content

MediaCore Video Platform Activity

The activity view

Track what your students are watching, what they like, and what interests them. Activity lets you explore your site’s statistics. You can compare likes, plays and see what your students are watching by day, week and month. All while following the discussion around a particular piece of content.


Ready to learn more?

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