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MediaCore for Schools

Educators are discovering the new teaching opportunities of digital media, and embracing approaches like flipped, blended and project-based learning.

Students are often more engaged by video and digital media. They can study at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want.

So it’s no surprise they’re demanding greater access to digital content, regardless of platform or device. That’s where we come in.


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Spotlight: Keble School

Technology has always had a strong presence in the classroom at Keble School, a boys’ preparatory school in North London.

Last year they introduced an iPad programme. This has led to some big changes in teaching and learning at Keble, from amazing student-led video projects to increased learning outside the classroom and a greater focus on project based learning. MediaCore powers every aspect of the use of digital media at Keble.

“The boys put a lot more effort into the work, they were a lot more engaged. They thought outside the box and came back with suggestions and ideas.”
- Karen Fleming, Instructor, Kebel School
- Kendall Johnson, Teacher, Iron Ridge Elementary

How do schools use MediaCore?

Teachers and students around the world are pioneering new ways to work with
digital media in their classrooms. These are just a handful of exciting examples.


Blended learning

This fresh approach to teaching takes the best of face-to-face teaching and mixes it with learning technologies that engage students before, during and after class. Digital media plays a central role in blended learning, allowing teachers to share resources with students which can be viewed at any time throughout the day or when they're at home.



Flipping your classroom

The ‘Flipped Classroom’ model, in which students learn partly from video outside the classroom, is gaining traction with teachers all over the world. With MediaCore, it’s easy to create screencasts, or record and share your lectures. Students can then access your content through any browser on Mac, PC or mobile.



Project based learning

Recent years have seen a growth in project-based learning, in which students create video-based projects around a topic. It’s always been said that the best way to learn something is to teach it. By creating and sharing their own videos, students do just that – consolidating their own learning.



Performing arts and sports feedback

Speed up, slow down, rewind and learn: Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, performer, public speaker or drama student it's been proven that being able to view yourself in action offers a tremendous learning advantage. MediaCore schools record a range of activities and share them with students, helping them see a clearer picture on where and how they can improve.



Continuing professional development

We can help teachers learn, too. With MediaCore, schools can capture and share best practice, and build a library of professional development resources teachers can use whenever they like. Giving teachers the ability to easily collect and share digital resources across their school has proved to be an invaluable resource, making CPD one of the fastest-growing kinds of content shared in MediaCore libraries.

“A child who goes through school and never makes a video is akin to a child going through school never writing a story.”
- Kendall Johnson, Teacher, Iron Ridge Elementary

What's included?

A MediaCore library gives your school a terrific platform for safely sharing educational resources and media.

For Students and Teachers

  • Upload and share on any Mac or Windows PC, iPhone/iPad and Android devices
  • Build a library and share it with students
  • Video playback support up to 1080p HD
  • Support for closed captioning in multiple languages
  • Analyze what students are watching

For Administrators and IT Staff

  • Branding for your school, district or local authority
  • Roles, permissions, user and group management
  • Plugins for WordPress, EduBlogs, Drupal, Moodle, Blackboard and MoodleRooms
  • API access with read/write storage
  • Deploy across as many schools as required


Need district deployment?

If you would like to pilot a district deployment of MediaCore, just reach out and we’ll help get you set up.