Who we're working with

Part of what makes MediaCore so easy to use are the long–lasting relationships we have with our partners. From learning platforms, to capture and authentication
— we love these companies


Platform Partners


Pearson's LearningStudio platform powers many of the most successful online programs globally, offering a powerful personalized learning environment. MediaCore integrates directly into the LearningStudio environment, bringing the full MediaCore video learning experience to Pearson platform customers.



MoodleRooms provides fully-hosted Moodle solutions in the cloud that help schools and universities reduce infrastructure costs while increasing reliability and scalability. MoodleRooms has integrated directly with MediaCore to make it easy for institutions who want to add rich media content to any Moodle page or resource. 



RM Unify’s single sign-on system is designed specifically for education. Working anywhere from any device, students can access Internet-based apps and services most useful to them, including MediaCore, without having to remember a host of different user credentials and passwords.



Edublogs is the largest and most trusted provider of educational blogging in the world. Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher blogs, quickly customize designs and now with MediaCore you can include videos, photos & podcasts.



Canvas is the new, cloud-based learning management system that's revolutionizing education. Easy to learn, and easy to use Canvas is focussed on building tools that educators love. MediaCore fully integrates with Canvas making it easy to add rich media resources to the learning platform they provide.




Microsoft is committed to helping every student and educator realize their full potential through innovative technology. We've partnered with Microsoft Education UK to create our Capture app for Microsoft Surface. Bringing the flipped classroom to the Microsoft Education universe.


Lambda Solutions provides managed Moodle hosting, implementation, expert support and development services to a wide range of educational institutions and corporations. If you need help installing and integrating Moodle with MediaCore, they're here to help. 



Single Sign On Partners


Google Apps Single-Sign-On is fully supported by MediaCore. If you're a Google Apps school or university it's easy to fully integrate your Google authentication solution with MediaCore in a few minutes. 



OneLogin provides a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers simple single sign-on (SSO), making it easier for institutions to secure and manage access to MediaCore. 



Ping Identity delivers single sign-on and identity management, increasing IT security and providing secure access to cloud applications. MediaCore is fully integrated with Ping Identity.


InCommon operates the identity management federation for U.S. research and education institutions. The federation provides a common framework for trusted shared management of access to online resources. Through InCommon, Identity Providers can give users single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while integrating their authentication with MediaCore.


The UK Access Management Federation Provides education and research with a method to access online resources and services 
through federated identity solutions.


Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides identity and access management capabilities in the cloud. Azure AD offers a convenient way for institutions using Office 365 to authenticate with MediaCore.


CAF allows multiple Institutions to share digital services and eliminates the need to create guest accounts for roaming visitors. This allows Institutions to rapidly expand the range of services available to their users while reducing the load on IT resources.


Capture Partners


TechSmith Snagit helps you provide better feedback, encourage teamwork, and create images that explain exactly what you mean. Quickly snag what’s on your screen, enhance it with effects, and then share your creations instantly with MediaCore.


Cattura’s advanced lecture capture technology records video from multiple points, then analyzes the content. It integrates fully with MediaCore and makes it easy to streamline video capture, metadata input, and publication.


Winnov’s award-winning lecture capture technology integrates directly with MediaCore to provide a variety of fully-automated hardware capture services. From capture to multi-source switching inside the player, our integration with Winnov is deep. 


Accessibility Partners

3Play Media provides premium captioning, transcription, and subtitling to more than 1,000 customers in higher ed, enterprise, entertainment, and government.



Cielo24 delivers searchable captions media data and media intelligence for large media platform partners in the online education, enterprise, news and entertainment markets.


Research Networks

HEAnet (Ireland’s National Education & Research Network) is a network of services that underpin educational activity in Ireland, delivering services to roughly 1 million staff & students. 


BCNET is a not-for-profit, shared information technology (IT) services organization led, owned, governed and funded primarily by our members, British Columbia's higher education and research institutions. 


The Internet2 NET+ Services 
program provides Internet2 members and other participating institutions access to an ever-growing catalog of cloud-based services designed or tailored specifically for the research and education community.