MediaCore is a leading Kaltura alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to Kaltura, then look no further.


What makes MediaCore different?

MediaCore’s video learning platform is the easiest way for any university or college to enable students and staff to capture, manage and share media content securely and privately.

Award-winning user interface

Clunky. Unintuitive. Complicated. Words that we hear time and time again, as we talk to institutions about the educational platforms they're using. The web has come a long way in the past five years - but there are lots of educational tools that haven't yet caught up.

We believe that online learning should benefit from the same design effort that goes into consumer online tools. We want instructors and students to love using MediaCore - and so we've put love into every pixel, every click, every feature of MediaCore, to make sure that they do.

A simple, inclusive pricing model

We love every bit of our platform - from our gorgeous front-end library, to our LMS plugins, to our mobile capture apps. So we don't hide parts of our platform away behind a complex pricing structure that forces you to make sacrifices. Our pricing model is simple, inclusive, and straightforward - your users get every bit of our functionality, at one competitive price, and on flexible terms.

Exceptional support

When students' learning is at stake, an online learning platform can't afford to skip a beat. For many of our institutions, video is now a mission-critical service, and a crucial part of the online learning experience - and we're committed to delivering the dependable experience possible, through both our rock-solid technology platform and our support team. All of our plans come with both phone and email support as standard.

A team that's fanatical about improving learning

It's our mission to create the world's best educational video platform - which is why we're completely focused on providing a cutting-edge learning experience. We don't service other segments, such as broadcast media - our development, education and support teams spend 100% of their time thinking about new ways to improve learning through online media, and how to help our institutions make the most of our platform.

Request a demo now, to see MediaCore in action, and find out what sets us apart.

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