Help make video learning amazing

MediaCore is full of educators, designers and developers who are determined
to take video-based learning to the next level all over the world.


Adventures with great people

We love what we do. And as much as we love our jobs, we love adventure. We’re infamous for planning weekend retreats and company outings, from relaxed lakefront weekend rentals to music festivals. We also love good food, coffee, and of course the occasional beverage in celebration of successful launches or new customers. 


Benefits and flexible schedules

Your happiness is important to us. When you work at MediaCore you get paid vacations and holidays as well as flexibility around tending to personal obligations. We’re also committed to your individual growth - we want to buy you books and pay for courses so that you’re always learning and expanding on your knowledge.


Canadian and UK offices

Since we have offices in both Canada and the UK, you have options. It also means regular visits from members of the remote office, which makes for a variety of people and lots of fun. So would you rather live in one of the most beautiful cities on the west coast in Victoria or enjoy the metropolitan atmosphere in London?

Open Positions

VP Marketing

Marketing - Victoria, British Columbia

We're currently seeking a proactive leader to grow and expand our thriving business, which grew top-line revenue in 2014 over 120% and has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in digital video by Fast Company. Our ideal candidate is an entrepreneurial-minded individual who will work closely with the management, sales and product teams to design, execute, and oversee our marketing strategy.

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VP Sales

Sales - Victoria, British Columbia

We're seeking an experienced sales leader to continue the rapid growth of our SaaS offering, which grew by over 120% in 2014. Our ideal candidate is an entrepreneurial-minded individual who has been responsible for building successful enterprise SaaS sales teams.

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Solutions Engineer

Product - Victoria, British Columbia

We're looking for a Solution Engineer (SE) who will be responsible for all technical and implementation oriented aspects of the MediaCore sales cycle. 

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Operations Engineer

Product - Victoria, British Columbia

We're looking for an Operations Engineer who will be involved in the building and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure services for the MediaCore platform.

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Sales Development Representative

Sales & Marketing - Victoria, British Columbia

We're looking for a Sales Development Representative that can generate new business opportunities for MediaCore by strategically identifying, engaging and developing relationships with Universities and colleges within North America.

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Great Ideas

We’re really passionate about solving the big problems facing educational institutions as they look to improve the success of their online programs.

The education industry is dynamic and we’ve found that through thinking big, challenging the status quo, and opening up to new ideas, we’ve been able to build ground-breaking products. We are looking for people who live and breathe this mantra. 


Award–winning Technology

If you enjoy working with engineers and designers who build really awesome software, then look no further.

Fast Company has ranked MediaCore as one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Digital Video” alongside Hulu and YouTube. And while we’ve been thrilled with that nomination (along with 8 other awards we’ve won), we’re really motivated by coming into work every day and building great products that solve real problems.

Startup Mentality

We’re not a big Fortune 500 company (yet) and sometimes we all need to chip in to get the job done. This is the way things happen at a start-up.

You must be prepared to go beyond your role and appreciate that our nimbleness is actually our greatest strength.


You need to be hands-on, passionate, persistent and creative. Ultimately, you want to get things done and have fun doing it.

We’re also a flexible employer with some great benefits for those times when you need to recharge the batteries. 


Being able to adapt to change when necessary is important for us. As a fast–growing company, we are often changing gears and shifting focus onto new features, goals and priorities.

We value those who can keep up with those shifts and have an insatiable desire to learn new things every day.


We want you to enjoy coming to work each day. We’ve been known to host some pretty awesome social events — pirate parties on tall ships, lakeside camping trips, ski trips, and wine tastings at local vineyards.

If you like to have fun once in a while, you’ll definitely want to consider working for us.