Jeff Bradbury founder of TeacherCast, an online broadcasting network for educational professionals, took the time to interview our very own James Cross and the brilliant Ronnie Burt from Edublogs. In the 30 minute interview James talks about how schools and universities are using MediaCore to manage video resources across multiple devices and takes viewers for a tour of the platform.

Ronnie Burt gives a quick overview of EduBlogs, and explains how it can be used to create many different kinds of blogs. He also talks about the many ways Edublogs helps teachers and students share resources and ideas over the web.

Together James and Ronnie discuss the recent partnership between MediaCore and Edublogs which has made it possible for instructors to upload media to their blogs. Ronnie demonstrates how easy it is to upload media to Edublogs using the new MediaCore plugin.

James also speaks about the new document viewer which enables users to easily add MS office documents, PDFs and images to their MediaCore library, and to view them on any platform using the MediaCore viewer.

Jeff from Teachercast uses MediaCore to upload, manage and share all of his videos, so if you want to take a look at a MediaCore site in action visit:

It’s easy to try out MediaCore or EduBlogs and use the new plugin! There’s more information here.

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