Video JS is a free and open source HTML5 video player made by the folks at Zencoder. It boasts a variety of features wrapped up into a small lightweight package, but does it match up to the competition?

  • Usability: Video JS offers simple and elegant player controls with no frills. Video JS has 3 other skins available for free, including YouTube and Vimeo themes.
  • Size: VideoJS is library independent and uses no images. To use VideoJS you must upload 2 files (86kb & ~2000 lines of code) to your site. The embed code is fairly extensive as well, though they claim this provides maximum compatibility as the code is based upon the ultra-compatible Video For EveryBody player. Despite the size, VideoJS is one of the easiest players to get up and running, as all the code is fully documented and uncompressed. You can see the entire process here.
  • Features: VideoJS is snappy, lightweight and fully compatible with just about everything, because of this, it's also fairly feature-light. VideoJS offers easy theming, volume controls, fullscreen mode and graceful flash fallback, and that's about it.
  • Compatibility: VideoJS played well on every device and browser we tested it on, including IE7 and iOS4. It supports most common formats (H.264, Webm, Ogg), and integrates beautifully into almost any website. It's library independent and you can tweak its looks without ever touching an image editor. VideoJS has several different plugins available for most popular CMSes as well as a simple jQuery plugin.

VideoJS is one of the only no-strings attached, freely available, HTML5 video players that is easy to customize and integrate into your site. Though it doesn't to a lot it manages to be a great HTML5 Video player with no frills or unneeded complications and it's slick, easy, and free, making it one my favourite HTML5 video players available.

This is the third player we've reviewed in our series: Battle of the HTML5 Players.

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