Avoiding distracting wobbles and shakes makes a significant difference to the quality of your video. Whether you're filming a lecture, creating resources for the flipped class or preparing a presentation, stabilization is essential. We've  rounded up some of the best accessories available for Apple’s various iPhone and iPad models to help you shoot smoother footage and create better video.

Update (8th June 2014): For newer tripod and stabilization accessories check out our Ultimate Guide to Creating Video With Your Smartphone or Tablet.

Glif - Tripod Mount & Stand For iPhone 4 / 4S / 5

The Glif lets you mount your iPhone onto any standard camera tripod - a great way to guarantee stable footage.

GorillaPod Flexible Tripods

As well as functioning as a small, portable tripod the GorillaPod’s flexible legs let you easily fix your device almost anywhere - great for anyone who likes to shoot from creative angles.

Manufacturer Joby sells a variety of GorillaPods to accommodate different sized devices. Check out the basic GorillaMobile model if you’re just shooting on an iPhone, or the GorillaPod Hybrid + a tripod mount if you’re shooting with any accessories (lenses, external microphones, etc) or using an iPad.

iKlip iPhone & iPad Mic Stand holders

iKlip stands attach your device to any standard microphone stand. Different stands are available for almost all iPhone and iPad models (including iPad mini).

These make a great alternative to the Glif and GorillaPod where microphone stands are in plentiful supply, for instance at a school, and do just as good a job to help record video from a stable height or angle.

Tournez Tripod/Mic Stand Mount for iPad

This accessory will mount any recent iPad model onto either a standard tripod or microphone stand, making it a useful all-in-one to have around if you record video with your iPad. Manufacturer The Joy Factory offer a range of mounts to attach an iPad to seats, headrests, walls, cabinets and more.

If you use these or any other accessories to shoot better videos for your students, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email at [email protected].

Now that you're shooting smoother video, it's time to take a look at another vital area of producing video: Sound! Check out our microphone recommendations for iPhones and other mobile devices.

And don't forget you can use the free Capture app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8.1 to make it even easier to create and publish content directly to your  own media library.

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