We’re pleased to announce integration between MediaCore and Instructure’s popular LMS, Canvas — available today. MediaCore’s the first platform to allow Canvas users to add, manage and embed video, audio and documents to their courses directly from within Canvas.

MediaCore can integrate with Canvas in three different ways:


1. The MediaCore Chooser is available with one click from any rich text editor in Canvas, and allows user to upload documents, audio and video files — up to a huge 20GB in size and in any format — and embed them into Canvas using MediaCore’s player with ultra-fast global delivery. MediaCore’s cloud video encoding automatically converts uploaded media to provide a great playback experience on any device.


2. Add the entire MediaCore experience to Canvas inside an LTI iFrame: Managers can add and manage media in library directly from their computer, iPhone or iPad, import videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and define who has access. Users can browse, search and discover media and view it on any browser or device.


3. Easily turn any individual media asset into a Canvas module which can be added to your users’ Canvas sidebar for easy access, where it will appear full-frame when clicked. This is a great option to highlight important pieces of media, such as a video welcoming students to a new course.

Existing MediaCore and Canvas users can set up their integration today, just visitEduApps and enter your MediaCore site details to get started.

The install process is easy now that MediaCore is one of Cavas’ EduApps.  For information on how to get up and running with MediaCore and Canvas, read our support documentation and watch our video walkthrough below.

If you’re already a Canvas user, but don’t have a MediaCore account, 
request a demo today.

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Aidan is a designer and filmmaker. He likes tea, technology and travelling, and is passionate about how video can transform teaching and learning.

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