For months we've been working behind the scenes on creating what we consider to be the next great leap forward for the video player experience inside of MediaCore. Starting today every account will receive our new and improved HTML5 and Flash player experience.

What's new:

  • HD switching - You can now toggle between high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) within the player.
  • Full screen everywhere - You can now full screen the player in both Flash and HTML5. We also have made it possible to full-screen inside embed codes that MediaCore automatically generates.
  • Instant-on - When you press play you'll notice that video content immediately plays. Our advanced caching techniques have now significantly boosted playback speed and as a result users will no longer have to wait for content to playback.
  • HTML5 audio player - When you upload an audio file to MediaCore, you now see a beautifully designed audio player when you play it back.
  • Seamless HTML5 to Flash fallback - Users will no longer be able to perceive the difference between the HTML5 and Flash player experience. We'll automatically detect which browser they are using and present them with either the HTML5 player or the Flash player depending on what their system supports.

More on the way

This is just the start of many updates that we have in the development pipeline, so stay tuned for regular weekly releases. Big things are coming.

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