It’s easy to embed MediaCore videos and documents into your learning platform with the MediaCore Chooser; however, adding multiple media items at once has always been time-consuming. To remedy this, we’re introducing Collection Embeds which are now available on all MediaCore sites.

Alongside embedding a single media item into your learning platform, it’s now possible to embed an entire collection at once. Any time that you add, remove or modify media in the collection within MediaCore, the collection is automatically updated wherever else it is embedded. So, you and your students will benefit from the organisation and structure of your Library’s Collections – making it easier to find your media – right inside your learning platform.

It’s possible to embed a single Collection, or a parent collection containing sub-collections.


You can easily browse through a parent collection and select a sub-collection to display a list of all the media stored in that collection. Play or view any video or media item contained inside the embedded collection by simply clicking on a media item.


Custom configuration options allow you to set the width and height of the embedded collection, define the default view (list or grid), and provide both an embed code or direct link back to the full collection inside MediaCore.

Collection Embeds will also be coming to the MediaCore Chooser.

For more information about Collection Embeds and examples of how to easily embed a collection into various LMSs please visit our support page.

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