This week MediaCore was featured on the Sencha Touch Application Showcase. We use Sencha Touch to power our entire mobile experience, so it was a huge honour to see that they've listed us as one of their highlight mobile applications.

We've been really impressed with the power of Sencha and our development team has some tremendous things coming in the next few weeks that will be released in our mobile platform. With the release of Sencha 2.0 we anticipate being able to substantially increase the performance of our mobile app, reducing load times and making the app even more snappy. One of the biggest areas of improvement from Sencha 1.1 (which we are on now) to Sencha 2.0 is that load times for the application will substantially decrease. The graph below shows performance of Sencha 1.1 vs that of Sencha 2.0 (in blue).

Speed is paramount on mobile devices and we're really looking forward to bringing these improvements to the MediaCore mobile experience.

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