MediaCore Capture makes it easy to record, trim and upload from your Windows 8.1 tablet or PC directly to your MediaCore account. Install the app for free by navigating to the Windows App Store.

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Capture is ideal for recording lectures, field studies, and everyday activities and to quickly share them within your institution. It’s the best way to teach, learn and share video effortlessly.

MediaCore Capture for Windows boasts many great features:

  • Super simple to use

  • Record HD videos and upload to MediaCore at up to 1080p

  • Add your video to any collection on your MediaCore site

  • Shoot a new video or choose an existing video from your device

  • Add metadata about your video such as a title, description or tags

  • Choose to save as a draft or publish automatically

MediaCore Capture is also available for iOS and Android.

MediaCore Capture download links:

Capture for iOS      Capture for Android      Capture for Windows 8.1   


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