Uploading video to Moodle has always been a challenge for educators keen to use rich, high quality video as part of their Moodle courses. Whether it was a restriction on file size, different video types, or the need to deliver video to any device, uploading was a difficult and time-consuming process.

The launch of our new Moodle Plugin means that these challenges are now a thing of the past. MediaCore excels at making video learning simple and the new plugin brings that simplicity directly into Moodle.

Take a tour of the new MediaCore Moodle Plugin now!

Any MediaCore user who also uses Moodle can now browse, search and add videos directly to Moodle pages and courses with a few simple clicks. Video conversion, upload, delivery and playback is now all available from within your Moodle account. Background authentication even allows private MediaCore videos to be securely embedded into Moodle.

But most importantly, video can now be directly uploaded to Moodle courses via the MediaCore Moodle Plugin, without ever leaving the Moodle environment. This makes it easier than ever for educators to offer a powerful video learning experience in Moodle for their students, on any device. And the plugin works seamlessly with our iOS Capture Apps - allowing for mobile video capture to be brought into the Moodle learning experience.

If you don’t already have a MediaCore account request a free demo. Then find out how to download and install the plugin for free by visiting our support pages. Additionally, the plugin has been fully validated and approved by Moodlerooms, the world’s largest Moodle services partner, to be included in the summer release of their Joule Moodle platform.

Key features of the new MediaCore Moodle Plugin include:

  • Uploading large video files, of any type, to your Moodle site
  • Secure, one-click embedding of video into any Moodle page
  • Automatic user authentication via LTI
  • Exceptional playback experience on all browsers and mobile devices

Nathan Cobb, e-Learning Manager at East Riding College in Yorkshire, UK, was one of MediaCore’s users that tested out the Moodle Plugin and gave us his feedback: “I love the way the new Moodle plugin works. it's a brilliant integration and I'm very impressed”.

For more information on the MediaCore Moodle Plugin 2.0 please contact us.

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