At MediaCore we’re continually helping institutions across the world to build incredible video libraries for teaching and training. But, sometimes we know you need to share more than video.

Now with our new Document Viewer you can easily add PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and photos to your MediaCore library. Upload, organize and share anything from a reading list or resource sheet to an assignment, the same as any video or audio file.

The Document Viewer allows you to store all of your content in your MediaCore library. As everything is centralised you can save time and enjoy the peace of mind that you’ve got things organised.

Your students can engage and interact with the Document Viewer just as they would with a video. They can comment, like or share; view on any device; and download the original file for offline viewing.

A great viewing experience and robust technology

MediaCore's Document Viewer is simple to use and offers an impressive browser-based viewing experience for any document, PDF or photo.

We've partnered Crocodoc, a market leader in document collaboration, who has developed the technology using HTML5. This means that the Document Viewer works seamlessly across all browsers and mobile devices and your students can view content without needing specific software such as a PDF reader.

Use our plugin to easily embed documents into your learning platform

Uploading and viewing documents in most Learning Management Systems and Virtual Learning Environments can be tricky due to complicated file conversions and unreliable uploading.

The Document Viewer means that every document you upload to your MediaCore library can now be embedded easily into Moodle, BlackBoard, Canvas and WordPress. Simply use the embed code provided when you upload your document or use our Chooser plugin.

Featured Webinar - August 22nd

 Sign up for our webinar and see the Document Viewer in action plus some additional tips and tricks to help you better manage your MediaCore site. The webinar will take place at 4pm GMT, 8am PST, 10 am CST and 11am EST on August 22nd. Click here to sign up now!

Get started today

Sign into your MediaCore account and try it out. Please let us know what you think as we really value your feedback: Email us at [email protected]

If you don’t yet have a MediaCore account contact us for a free demo

For more information on uploading documents and images visit our support pages.

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