If you’re a Moodle or Totara user interested in integrating video into your courses, do we have some great news for you.

We’re teaming up with e-learning and training experts Lambda Solutions to present a free webinar on November 13th, focusing on the easiest and most effective ways to use video in your LMS.

Our own Education Director, James Cross, will be presenting alongside Lambda’s Arnet Tkachuk and Chad Leaman to cover:

  • Why use video in online learning?
  • What problems does video solve – and what problems does it create?
  • What considerations do you need around security, search, and performance when using video in your online training?
  • How do you take video from your computer and put it into your course?
  • Can your learners contribute video?
  • MediaCore’s Moodle / Totara plugin, which allows video to be directly uploaded and used without leaving your LMS site.

If you’re interested, register today at Lambda’s site. We’ll see you on November 13th.

Written By

Aidan is a designer and filmmaker. He likes tea, technology and travelling, and is passionate about how video can transform teaching and learning.

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