Video projects can be a great way to finish off the school year and help to keep students engaged. They can encourage creative thinking, problem-solving and develop planning and presentation skills. Here at MediaCore we’re passionate about video and it’s use in teaching. So, here's our five favorite ideas for video projects you might want to try out.


1) Showcase their knowledge: Ask students to create a video about one particular thing they learned in class.    Working in groups, students select a topic and create a five minute educational video on the topic. This is a great way to help students review their learning from the past year. Students can use many tools such as diagrams, graphs, or powerpoint slides to demonstrate their understanding of the topic.

2) Film a commercial: Split students into groups and ask them to develop an idea for a commercial. Once each group has completed their 60 second commercial arrange a viewing and ask the other students to vote for the most creative, engaging and persuasive commercial.

3) Teach another student a new skill: Get students to film themselves teaching another student a new skill such as baking an apple pie, belly dancing or how to juggle. This gives students the opportunity to showcase their talents, develop their presentation skills and work on a project individually.

4) Act out a scene from a book: Split students into groups and ask them to select their favorite book, or a book they read in class - you choose. Ask them to create a three to four minute video depicting a scene from the book. Encourage them to be creative by using costumes, props and interesting scenery.

5) Video introduction: If you need more time to set up a video project for your students, how about planning one for the beginning of the next school year? Get your students to create a short film about themselves outlining who they are, their passions, hobbies and what they did over the summer. The videos can be shared with the class to help students familiarize themselves with their peers.

Check out some past posts for tips on filming a great quality video using mobile devices. Follow these links for tips on video stabilization and recording video with better sound quality.

If you’re not sure where to start with video then design a project using Powerpoint or Keynote, and simply get students to convert it to video once they’re done. Read this post for advice on this.

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