In the past few months MediaCore has been working with Kepler, a nonprofit university program designed to create affordable higher education for the developing world. It’s an amazing education project and we feel privileged to be supporting them with free, comprehensive access to our technology. In addition I personally have been serving as Kepler's interim CTO and I'm really looking forward to guiding both the technical strategy, planning and implementation of their initial systems. IMG_1482

Kepler’s first campus is now starting to take shape in Kigali, Rwanda and will combine the best of online learning with in-person seminars and intensive education-to-employment training. Their goal is to create a global network of universities to deliver the skills that emerging knowledge economies need, for a price that all students can afford. They're kicking off their pre-pilot this semester with 50 students, after seeing more than 2000 students apply to the program.

MediaCore is a pretty important piece of the overall instructional model and, as the project moves forward, we’ll be helping their teachers to teach students with a video-based curriculum.

We’re really excited to be supporting Kepler but we know it must be even more exciting for the students that will be their first grads. Kepler provides a radically different educational experience that hopefully will be part of the story to transform higher education in Africa.

Read more about Kepler in co-founder Oliver Sabot’s guest post on blended learning.

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Stuart is the CEO of MediaCore. He is passionate about education technology, surfing, and building great teams.

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