Our newly launched Canadian Cloud means any Canadian education institution can now choose to manage, organise and share their videos using our platform.


 Until recently MediaCore, like many cloud-based services, stored customer data in the US. However, Canadian public schools, and many other education institutions, are required to store all user data securely within Canada. With a growing number of enquiries from Canadian education institutions we wanted to ensure it was possible for them to use MediaCore.

The first organisation to get on board the Canadian Cloud is Wolf Creek Public Schools in Alberta. They’re now able to use MediaCore to manage their growing library of video learning resources.

Mark McWhinnie, the assistant superintendent at Wolf Creek Public Schools explained why he valued MediaCore’s Canadian Cloud:

“Sensitive data is stored securely in Canadian data centres and allows us to permission the access to this content protecting student information where necessary. Our staff and students are thrilled with the ease of use that the MediaCore platform provides for viewing streamed content from a Canadian location."

Now any school or university can securely store data such as names, addresses and personal information in Canada.

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