Finding quality educational video resources relevant to the subjects you teach can be a challenge for any educator. MediaCore users regularly ask us for advice on where to find videos to add to their libraries. So, here are the ten that we recommend most often.

1. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has top-quality resources available across a variety of K-12 and higher ed subjects including mathematics, science and the humanities. Videos stored on YouTube.

2. TED

The global leader in providing talks from remarkable people on a huge range of topics and specialities covering both K-12 and higher ed. All of TED’s talks are available to download.

3. TED-Ed

A curated source of TED content specifically relevant to K-12 and higher ed, TED-Ed also provide a basic platform for adding notes and questions to videos. Videos stored on YouTube.

4. YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU brings the best educational content from YouTube into one place to aid search and discovery. Videos, naturally, stored on YouTube.

5. Edutopia

Educational videos hand-picked by Edutopia, the collection can be filtered by topic and grade level. Videos primarily stored on YouTube.

6. Edudemic

Edudemic offer a regularly updated list of recommended educational videos for K-12 and higher ed educators. Videos primarily stored on YouTube.

7. Neo-K12

Set up specifically to provide educational videos, lessons and games for K-12 students, Neo-K12 offer nicely curated lists of videos around specific topics in most K-12 subjects. Videos stored on YouTube.

8. Teachers TV

Teachers TV was a UK government initiative that provided educational video and support materials across a range of K-12 subjects. All Teachers TV video content is now available through the Times Educational Supplement website to residents of the United Kingdom. Videos are available to download (choose ‘mov’ download option).

9. Cosmo Learning

A comprehensive collection of free video lessons and documentaries across a range of K-12 and higher ed subjects. Videos stored on YouTube.

10. Vimeo

A simple search for a topic or keyword often returns some relevant results, Vimeo also offer some useful tools to narrow down videos and channels via category. Specifically, the Education & DIY, Science & Tech and Art categories all contain some interesting educational content. Videos are, naturally, stored on Vimeo.

Videos from all of these sites can be added to your MediaCore library by either downloading or adding an embed code from YouTube or Vimeo.


Videos that are available to download can simply be downloaded to your hard drive and then uploaded to your MediaCore library via the ‘Add Media’ page.

YouTube & Vimeo Embeds:

Many of these sites embed videos that are originally stored on YouTube, and occasionally Vimeo. All you need to do to add these to your MediaCore library is click the ‘YouTube’ or ‘Vimeo’ logo in the bottom-right corner of the frame to load the video’s original page in a new browser window. Then, just copy and paste the URL of this page to the ‘Embed a link’ option on MediaCore’s ‘Add Media’ page.

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If you have a favourite resource that isn’t included in our list, or want to share content you’ve been creating for, or with, your students, please get in touch! You can email any recommendations or suggestions for additional educational video resources to [email protected].


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Aidan is a designer and filmmaker. He likes tea, technology and travelling, and is passionate about how video can transform teaching and learning.

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