A great media library starts with great content, which is why we've always focused on making it as simple as possible to add media to your MediaCore library. Today we’re making this even easier with the release of a completely re-designed Media Uploader, which also adds support for closed captioning.

 The new Media Uploader replaces the old upload interface on the admin 'Add Media' page, on your site's 'Upload' page (if enabled), and on the MediaCore Chooser's media uploader seen across all of our plugins and LMS integrations.

Alongside a streamlined, unified interface, the new Media Uploader adds the ability to upload a caption file to any video, displays correctly and consistently on smaller screens and brings drag and drop support for adding media via your browser. 

Closed captioning

Being able to offer video captions and subtitles is important for accessibility and has been one of the most common feature requests we’ve received from customers. With the new Media Uploader it’s easy to upload SRT and WebVTT caption files alongside your videos. Once a video is captioned, viewers can toggle closed captions on and off using the video player’s ‘CC’ button. For more information on creating and uploading caption files click here

Head over to our support page to watch a full overview of the new interface and features.

Written by:Maddy Bentley

MediaCore is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, to simplify and expand the use of video in online courses. 

Video is becoming an increasingly important part of the online learning landscape – and many institutions are now looking to use online video as part of flipped and blended approaches to learning. Through this partnership, Pearson’s customers will be able to provide a world-class video experience for their students, across any device.

As the world’s leading education company, Pearson is reaching and meeting the needs of hundreds of institutions – and we’re thrilled to be working with them to help bring MediaCore to their customers. This partnership is a real vote of confidence in MediaCore’s platform and team, and we're excited to be supporting Pearson’s commitment to improving learner outcomes.

Pearson's Director of Technology Partnerships, Erica Tuohy, said “MediaCore’s platform makes the use of video easier for both instructors and students alike, and will only help make the student learning experiences more engaging and accessible. MediaCore’s ability to automatically convert videos so they can be viewed on any device will help empower teaching staff to use video to enrich the online course experience”. 

We'll be launching the partnership at Pearson's annual CITE conference in Dallas, Texas from 1st - 3rd April.

Written by:James Cross